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Teeth Whitening Bolton

If you need effective and affordable teeth whitening in Bolton that gives stunning long term results, then our expert cosmetic dental team at Dental Design Studio can help.

We only offer the very best professional home and in surgery teeth whitening options.

All our dentists are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and our clinic is monitored and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) so you can rest assured you're in safe hands here at Dental Design Studio.

Expert Home Whitening Kits

This is our most cost effective method of whitening your teeth. The process involves taking some impressions of your teeth to construct a set of whitening trays. Once the trays have been constructed they are checked for fit to ensure they are well fitting and no areas where saliva ingress can occur exist.

This is the key to a successful whitening result, ensuring a truly outstanding uniform result.

What does the kit include?

The home whitening kit consists of a set of whitening syringes of two different concentrations - 10% and 16% carbamide peroxide. The 10% gel is used first and is inserted into the whitening tray and worn overnight.

We generally recommend that you alternate each day rather than wear both of the trays together as this allows a 24 hour rest period minimising any sensitivity which may develop if you whiten every single day.

The gel is syringed into the whitening tray and then inserted in the mouth so that the whitening gel is in contact with frontal surface of the tooth. This is the purpose of the whitening tray.

How do the whitening syringes work?

Once you have finished the initial 10% carbide peroxide it is time to move up to the higher 16% gel. This increase in concentration has been clinically proven to be the most effective way of whitening your teeth.

As the 16% gel has a greater peroxide content this can be worn for 2-3 hours rather than overnight. The main symptom people can have with whitening is sensitivity as the gel can open up small microscopic tubules in your teeth which can cause a transient sensitivity and make it difficult to whiten your teeth.

This is the main reason most people stop whitening their teeth which can prevent them obtaining that wow result.

How do I treat any sensitivity?

Luckily there are solutions to prevent and or reduce sensitivity. First of all sensitivity is a lot more common the younger you are so a 20 year old will get more sensitivity than a 60 year old. This is due to the size of the nerve chamber inside the tooth which gets smaller as you get older hence the tooth also becomes less sensitive.

If your gums are receded then you are also more likely to experience more sensitivity. With these types of people it is better to start using a de-sensitising toothpaste such as sensodyne or a high fluoride toothpaste before and during the whitening treatment. This will keep sensitivity to a minimum and allow you to continue to whiten your teeth.

You can also alternate the days you are whitening so that the teeth have a rest day which will also help keep sensitivity to a minimum. If you have abrasion cavities and or any leaking fillings these will have to be addressed before the whitening.

Abrasion cavities due to aggressive toothbrushing is a very common presentation and can be treated simply by placing a temporary filling material before the whitening process. As the colour of the teeth become whiter these can be replaced later with more definitive composite restorations which will match the new tooth colour.

Where do I store my whitening kit?

It is important to store your whitening kit in the fridge as they need to be kept cool. Studies have shown that the gel works best when kept cool and the effectiveness deteriorates if stored in a warm environment. The syringes generally have an expiry date of about one year if kept in the fridge.

Are there any foods which i need to avoid?

During the whitening process we advise to keep coloured foods to a minimum including tea, coffee and red wine. However if you do have to consume these, wait at least an hour after removing your whitening trays as your teeth are more porous during this time and may absorb the stain.

What will happen to any existing fillings?

Any existing fillings or crowns which you may have will not whiten so you need to consider this before you start the whitening process. If your crown is at the front it may become very noticeable as your teeth become whiter. Generally it is not advisable to replace any crowns or fillings within two weeks of finishing the whitening to allow the colour to stabilise so that a more accurate shade can be taken.

Will my teeth discolour over time?

Generally you will find with home whitening, if performed correctly, your teeth will not discolour significantly over time as the process is performed over a few weeks so is very effective. In-surgery whitening systems where all of the whitening is performed in a few hours suffer more from relapse discolouration as some of the whitening is due to dehydration of the tooth during the procedure rather than actual whitening.

How do i keep my teeth white?

Your whitening trays should last you a very long time if you look after them. If you find that your teeth have discoloured a bit all you will require is the whitening gel which are not overly expensive to buy so the maintenance is very cost effective.

If you already have some whitening gel in your fridge please check the expiry date as it may not be safe or effective to use it after that. Consuming coloured foods and drinks such as tea, coffee and red wine can discolour your teeth over time so we advise to keep these foods to a minimum especially during the whitening process.

Whitening toothpastes can also be helpful at removing staining present on your teeth however they do not whiten your teeth per se. They usually have abrasive particles in them which removes surface stains however over zealous use can cause other problems such as enamel abrasion and gum recession.

We generally do not recommend that you use a whitening toothpaste during the whitening process as this may take your teeth very sensitive however it is ok for maintenance.

In surgery Tooth Whitening

After a quick result? Come and relax and have your teeth whitened in less than an hour. The Dental Design Studio in Bolton chairside whitening process is quick and easy, a convenient way to brighten up your smile. Chairside whitening is ideal for anyone looking for immediate results.

Our most popular in surgery treatment is Enlighten teeth whitening as it is a cost effective and proven method for guarenteed whiter teeth.

We also utilise the latest ‘Zoom 2’ whitening system as featured on hit tv shows ‘Ten years younger’ and ‘Extreme makeover’. Sometimes a home whitening kit is required so you can continue to experience the benefits of Zoom in the comfort of your own home for a truly dazzling result.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Enlighten is a company whitening package that combines both home and in surgey whitening. The first process is similar to the home whitening procedure however the mouthguards are more sophisticated and the gels are also more effective. We normally give the patient 2-4 weeks to complete the home whitening process depending on their susceptibility to sensitivity.

The kit includes special swabs which have an effective desensitising solution which can be applied during the whitening process. It also includes the enlighten tooth serum which is also very effective.

Once the home whitening stage is complete we perform the in-surgery session as soon as possible. This consists of 2 x 20 minute cycles of application of activated hydrogen peroxide. This is performed using the patient’s own trays and no lights or lasers.

The result is usually very dramatic and the trays can be kept for maintenance whitening.

Please see the official Enlighten website for further information.

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Zoom is an in-surgery whitening procedure which normally takes about two hours to complete. If you are looking for a quick whitening result with minimal fuss then zoom whitening may be ideal for you.

The first part of the process is the block-out procedure where the teeth are isolated and the gums are covered with a special resin to prevent irritation after the gel is applied. Once this has been performed the whitening gel is applied to surfaces of the teeth and the special zoom light is applied to activate the gel.

The procedure

The procedure consists of 4 cycles of 15 minutes per cycle. Finally a desensitiser is applied before the block out resin is removed and the patient is allowed to rinse.

As the procedure is performed in one session the results are not as dramatic as the home kits however great for milder discolouration and for people who may struggle to wear a whitening tray. Also with Zoom some of the whitening is due to dehydration of the teeth so teeth may discolour slightly as the teeth rehydrate after.

It is possible to combine zoom with some home whitening for a more effective and longer lasting result. As some of the whitening has been performed in the surgery this means there is less whitening required at home.

Teeth whitening prices

We have ensured our teeth whitening treatment prices are extremely competitive when compared to other expert cosmetic dentists in Bolton. For our latest prices and offers please visit our fees page.

Please note you will benefit from a free consultation and we also offer flexible payment options including 0% interest free finance.

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