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Gum Disease at
Dental Design Studio, Bolton

Causes of Gum Disease

The main cause of gum disease is dental plaque. As teeth can be very difficult to clean properly, they can accumulate plaque and tartar resulting in inflammation and infection of the supporting structure of the tooth also known as the Periodontium.

In the early stages this can be reversible however if allowed to progress this inflammation spreads further destroying the supporting structures of your teeth and causing them to become loose, also known as Periodontal Disease. Therefore, regular removal of bacteria, plaque and tartar professionally is essential to maintain healthy gums. Excellent homecare is also vital.

Treatment of Gum Disease

In the early stages of gum disease also known as gingivitis your gums may appear red and swollen and/or bleed on brushing. At this stage a simple visit to the dentist for a scale/polish and oral hygiene instruction may suffice, however if allowed to progress this may result in irreversible damage requiring specialist periodontal treatment over multiple visits in order to achieve optimum oral health.

Gum disease can go unnoticed until it is quite advanced so contact us today for a full periodontal assessment and examination.

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